How to build a successful brand for your small business

Branding. It’s as important for small businesses as it is for the largest corporation.

Of course, the difference is that most small business owners don’t have a team of marketing experts to help them develop their brands.

When it comes to developing your organisation’s story, it mostly comes down to the business owner creating a brand that attracts the ‘right’ type of customer.

And it’s not just about creating marketing collateral like your logo design. In an earlier blog, we explained the difference between a brand and a logo.

We also discussed how you can assess your brand’s effectiveness in this blog.

In this article, we wanted to touch on some of the basic issues around how to develop your organisation’s brand.

6 important aspects of building a successful small business brand

1. Know your ideal customer

Defining your target audience is one of the most important steps in your small business planning process.

Be specific. What do they look like? Can you describe their worries? Why do they need what you’re selling? Then work out: can you build a business based on this audience?

Once you’ve worked out your ideal customer(s), you should build your marketing strategy around attracting them to your business.

2. Create a great company name

The name of your company can say a lot. It should be memorable and adaptable. A good brand name has meaning to your customers. It is unique and recognisable.

And, most importantly, it must be legally available. Make sure it’s an available website address or you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

Consider the name of your key competitors and choose a strong company name that helps you stand out from others. (The same goes for product names.) There are some good tips about naming on this marketing podcast.

3. A simple, credible message

The core of your marketing message comes down to developing a one-liner. This encapsulates the problem you solve, sums up the value you bring to your customers, and communicates the results you’ll help them achieve.

Creating effective messaging is all about consistency and clarity. Avoid ‘inside language’ and reinforce your message across your website, brochures, and social media.

Don’t forget to include it on your email signature and on your business card.

4. Market your business every day

Having a good website and being present and active on social media is essential to maintaining a strong brand.

  • For local marketing, having an up-to-date and complete Google Business Profile is also essential.
  • Setting-up automated email campaigns in response to online enquiries is a great way of building a relationship with new customers.
  • Keep in touch with past clients with offers and helpful information.

5. Build credibility and trust

People do business with organisations they know, trust and like.

The quality of referrals and customer reviews is an important part of creating trust in your prospective clients.

These days most people will go online to confirm recommendations from friends and family. So, make sure your website, printed marketing material, and social media content answers the burning questions your prospects might have.

6. Be responsive and make it easy for people to deal with you

No matter what business you’re in, chances are there’s competition out there vying for your customers.

As a small business, building a reputation as an approachable, reliable product and service provider, is crucial to help you stand out from others.

  • Get back to customer enquiries quickly.
  • Offer customised information that fits the buyer journey (i.e., are they a new enquiry or a returned customer?)
  • Ensure you’re easy to contact via phone, text, email and an online response form.
  • Conversations in Facebook groups and on other social media can also contribute to customers’ perception of your business. So, make sure you check in regularly and respond where needed.

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