Today, business branding goes hand-in-hand with telling a compelling story via text or images. Your brand needs to communicate the set of ideas that a company or a product stands for in people’s minds.

A brand is a projection of what we believe is reality; it can make a positive social impact on people and the planet. Today, businesses are shifting from focusing exclusively on profit to having a bigger purpose and making a positive social impact.

“In the beginning it was just about the BUSINESS – now it’s about the BRAND.”


Effective business branding

Strong business branding can take your business to the next level. A brand can be very powerful — how a brand is perceived can establish a good or a bad position in people’s minds. Today, business branding is complex and includes the following:

  1. Building a community
  2. Creating a sense of belonging
  3. Establishing a positive experience around a product and service.

You as a business owner must establish the clarity around what your brand stands for; how your brand is managed day-to-day and much more. If you invest time in defining your brand, and what you want your brand to be you will increase your brand equity (value) over the long term.

Business branding – Questionnaire:

  1. I am clear on my business’s uniqueness (Unique Selling Proposition)
  2. I can define my target groups
  3. I have ready-to-go messages for each target audience
  4. I have done a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).


WELL DONE – if you could answer, “yes” to three questions

NEED SOME GUIDANCE – if you said, “yes” to two questions

HELP ME! – if you said, “yes” to one or fewer questions.

Business branding is no longer just about your name and your logo — it’s also about knowing your organisation’s place in the world; building your community and providing your customers with a positive experience that is worthwhile sharing.

I hope this blog helps you to shine some light on the crucial components of the current trends of business branding. I’d love to hear what caught your eye? If you need to know more about my branding services go to branding and logo design.