Social MediaMarketing

Why you can’t ignore social media

Today, social media is “must-have” in your marketing strategy. It can provide you with a powerful tool for marketing your products and services and for engaging with your prospects and customers.

More than 90% of businesses use social media in their overall marketing strategy today. Social media brings your closer to your customers.

Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Powerful – creates real-time two-way dialogue with your customers
  2. Maximises marketing value and customer engagement
  3. Low cost, compared to traditional media like radio, TV and newspapers
  4. Allows you to reach your new audience locally and globally
  5. Provides real-time access to your data (analytics)
  6. Increases your brand exposure and improves customer loyalty
  7. Lets you instantly manage your PR
  8. Permits you to immediately respond to a crisis.

How I can help

  1. Conduct a social media audit (what’s working and what isn’t)
  2. Optimise your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles before you hit “Publish”
  3. Provide social media training (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  4. Create a well-documented social media strategy
  5. Social media management along with a content strategy
  6. Amplify your reach with social advertising
  7. Build your stock photography (showcase your company history and culture).

Alternatively, I can set you up with other social media platforms such as Instagram (mobile social network) or YouTube (the world’s largest video-sharing social network, the second largest search engine) and Twitter.