Your profile image is the first thing I look at when I meet a new client who’s seeking help with social media. Why? Well, I want to make sure that my clients have a powerful portrait that is a true representation of who they really are. A professional business portrait can open many doors for you.

What to wear for a business portrait photoshoot


  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable
  • Make sure that your clothes fit you well
  • A business jacket, business shirt and tie is a great option
  • Wear a dark color business shirt if you are not planning to wear a jacket
  • Bring a couple of jackets and shirt colors to get a different look.


  • Be stylish and fashionable in moderate way
  • Bring different necklines to give your face a new look
  • Consider wearing blue, green or brown tops to match the colour of your eyes
  • Wear a dark colour blouse (darker than your skin tone) to increase contrast
  • Bring a variety of tops and some simple jewelry for a different look.

What not to wear for a Business Portrait photoshoot

  • Don’t overdress
  • Don’t wear busy patterns, squares and stripes
  • Don’t wear a T-shirt unless that’s the kind of look you’re looking for
  • Don’t wear a big watch or jewelry
  • Don’t wear heavy make-up, face powder or foundation with shine.

Business Portrait = personal brand

I’m certain that you’ve heard this before – make a great first impression, as you might not get the second chance. Use your Business Portrait as the extension of your personal brand. Your profile picture can reinforce who you are and allow people to connect with the “real” you before they see you again or meet you in person.

Leave me a note or ask me a question if you want to know more about how to prepare for a Business Portrait photoshoot.