Social media vs blogging: what’s best for your small business?

Like all small business professionals, you’ve got limited time and money. So, is it better to create regular blogs for your website, or will you get more ‘bang for your buck’ by creating social media posts?

Here’s our guide on the benefits of social media and social media.

The benefits of blogging

According to Orbit Media’s latest annual blogging survey, the average blog post takes about 4 hours to write.

That’s a lot of work in anyone’s language!

They also identified that longer blogs get more results, with the ‘typical’ blog averaging around 1400 words.

Their survey revealed that ‘consistency, not frequency is the key’. That means you should have a content plan and post regularly.

  1. Blogs showcase your expertise

Whether you write short, sharp blog articles or longer, more detailed ones, your blog is an opportunity to address your clients’ problems. By answering your clients’ questions in more depth, it’s crystal clear to your readers that you know what you’re talking about.

  1. Content builds trust, educates and persuades

By showing up with regular, helpful articles that address your clients’ concerns, you’re taking steps to convince prospects to know, trust, and like you – important steps that lead to them giving you, their business.

Recent research shows that round-up posts work the best. These articles summarise great content in a particular industry or topic area. They’re easy to read and digest and give the reader real value.

  1. Blogging is good for SEO

These days, ‘search’ is everything. Going online to seek out a product or service is often the first step for any buyer. Being ‘found’ online is the number one role of your online content.

Regularly updated blog articles signal to people and search engines (mostly Google) that you’re in the business of solving people’s problems.

Including key search terms is essential if people are going to find you online. Choosing the right terms and phrases is an art and a science. We found some great tips on improving your Google rankings and search traffic here.

The benefits of social media 

Here are a few ideas for what you can do to support your marketing efforts when things are quiet (or busy):

  1. The world is connected to social media

These days can we even argue that NOT being present on some form of social media is even a possibility?

Without going over all the stats, if your audience is on social media and you’re not, you’re missing opportunities.

  1. Social media helps you build a relationship with your audience

The great thing about social media is it offers you the ability to directly engage with your audience and get customer feedback.

The big caveat is that whatever social media you decide to use (see our blog on how to choose), be consistent and always provide value.

Of course, the days of getting real traction on social without spending some advertising dollars are gone. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram demand investment so you can reach out to your audience and grow your business.

  1. Social helps build your brand

Social media gives you the opportunity to communicate your values – your brand personality. Your social media strategy will guide the message and the frequency of communication to help you reach your marketing goals.

Why social media and blogging are made for each other

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content is king’. That goes for both website and social media content.

The fact is, it’s not a ‘one or the other’ decision. Social media and website blogs complement each other. You need both to effectively market your business.

While your blogs are dynamic content that will help people find your business through SEO, social media helps attract people’s attention and drives them to your blog content.

Sharing your blog content via your social media is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

If you’d like to know more about how to create content for your website blogs or social media, please get in touch. Call Katarina on 0415 128 804.